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 singing Volcanos
Author: phil 
Date:   08-21-06 07:45

Active volcanoes are being made to "sing" by researchers who convert seismic data into frequencies audible to human ears, although the volcanoes are unlikely to sell many records.

High-powered computers are being used to convert seismic readings from Mount Etna in Sicily and Tungurahua in Ecuador into audible rumbles, roars, beeps, and even piano music.
Barbera and colleagues have been working at sonifying the data from Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Recently they added information from the Ecuadorian volcano. It sings in sort of a low mournfull hum.

Avant-garde piano
Sonification is very computer intensive, so the researchers used the European GEANT2 and Latin American ALICE-RedCLARA research computer networks to process the information.

The researchers have made the volcanoes sound like heavy wind outside the window in one case, like a powerful engine idling in another, but always in a recognizable melody.

They also mapped the sounds onto MIDI piano, resulting in some avant-garde-sounding pieces. Listen to the piano versions of Mount Etna and Tungurahua in action if you can.


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 Re: singing Volcanos
Author: Peasant from Makumba 
Date:   09-14-10 10:45

You should check out our crazy volcano that recently released a single.

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 Re: singing Volcanos
Author: phil 
Date:   09-16-10 15:22

Here's a Volcanic video I recently made for Miam Monster Miam

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 Re: singing Volcanos
Author: Mr Monagi 
Date:   09-22-10 02:37

loved it.

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 Re: singing Volcanos
Author: Joan Collins 
Date:   09-22-10 02:42

Yeah, very entertaining. And I'm one to know about entertainment.

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