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 The beginning of 2017 sees the release of two mFu vinyl LPs. Alien Flowers, a compilation of tracks recorded between 2010-2016 will be released on RAM in March.

The new album in collaboration with 8bit artist Jellica, DUCK WARS, released by TipTop records, is available to order from our bandcamp page and its quite an unusual object - directly influenced from Jean-Jacques Perrey and our love for LFOs. You can order it here:

MFU will begin performing solo in February with the first show at Servant Jazz Quarters in London on 19 February with a host of great acts including the Laetitia Sadier whom mFu will be performing with.

mFu continues to play as keyboardist and guitarist for the enigmatic psycedelic group Vanishing Twin, with our second release DREAM BY NUMBERS coming out on Soundway records in April





 mFu, Paris France, Nov 2008





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